The Little Book of Freelance Writing: Writing ideas, opportunities, inspiration and success stories

Publication date: December 2016

- Looking for writing inspiration?
- Want to write the perfect pitch?
- Keen to learn from other writers?

Then this book is for you! It’s full of little gems of information and inspiring stories, to guide you on your writing journey. It covers ideas and inspiration, market demand and writers’ pay, writing mistakes to avoid, finding new homes for articles that get rejected, taking your blog from obscurity to success, rights and contracts, website content creation, self-publishing, and a selection of inspiring stories.

It includes interviews with authors and comment about the industry. Best selling author Mary Mackie explains how her work was inspired by living in a National Trust house. Comedy writer Jon Rance explains how he got a publishing deal with Hodder and Stoughton after he self-published his hugely successful first novel. Best selling thriller writer, Rachel Abbot, explains how she sold millions of copies of her book by publishing her way.

It packs a big punch for a little 5x8" book. Easy to dip into, easy to read and straight to the point, full of interesting stories and inspiration to help you on your writing journey.

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Pagan Journeys: A collection of articles and interviews on Druidry, sacred places, and natural health

Publication date: January 2016

This is a collection of articles on pagan living and related topics. They include interviews with Druids, as well as first-hand accounts of pagan festivals and sacred locations. There are chapters on Druid gardening, healing, crystals, and meditation.

Part 1 is a series of interviews with three Druids, a clairvoyant who runs a crystal healing shop, and my own experience of a Druid solstice ceremony.

Part 2 looks at ancient sacred places across the UK, including stone circles, prehistoric burial grounds, and special places. It includes: Wiltshire's Stone Circles and Burial Mounds, Summer Solstice Festivals, The Secrets of Grimes Graves, Glastonbury, Whiteleaf Cross, the Ring of Brodgor, Castlerigg, the Rollright Stones, and Lough Gurr.

Part 3 focuses on natural healing. It looks at the evidence for natural approaches to healthcare including healthy eating, meditation, and relaxation, as well as how a raw vegan lifestyle could have extra clout when it comes to healing.

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Freelance Writing: Aim Higher, Earn More

Publication date: January 2015

In 2011 Susie Kearley quit a career in marketing to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time freelance writer. She had no contacts, no real experience in the publishing industry, and no idea whether she would succeed. Yet through sheer tenacity, determination and hard work, she built a solid career as a freelance writer, in the middle of a global economic recession. Today, she works for some well-known publications and earns a living from her writing.

In this book, Susie discusses her approaches to getting published and answers many of the burning questions asked of any freelance writer:

- How much money do writers make? How much do you earn?
- How can I generate more income from my writing?
- Where can I find the best opportunities in freelance writing?
- How can I learn from rejection and increase my chances of success?
- How do I break into magazines and newspapers overseas?
- Do I need an agent? What can they do for me?
- What's it like working with a small press book publisher?
What are the biggest challenges to a sustainable freelance career,
and how can I overcome them?

This book discusses writers' average earnings and the many challenges facing someone following a freelance career. It explains how to generate income from feature articles, blogging, books, photography, and content creation for business. It details the money to be made from associations that pay out secondary royalties on your articles, photographs, and books. It also looks at record keeping and organisational skills - essential requirements once your workload reaches a certain level.

This book is written for those writers who've seen modest successes in publishing, to help them take their writing to the next level. It will help anyone looking for new inspiration and insight, who wants to earn more from their writing.

There are many beginners books on the market. This book is different. It focuses on making a regular income from writing. It doesn't go into great detail on the basics like how to pitch, because that's covered in lots of other books, including the author's first book, Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens.
  • Part 1 focuses on different ways of making money from your writing.
  • Part 2 looks at working for magazines around the world and discusses the things you need to think about when you write for overseas markets.
  • Part 3 looks at opportunities in book publishing, a day in court, professional indemnity insurance, marketing, social media and writing as therapy.

Memories of the Second World War

Publication date: January 2015.

This book is a collection of interviews with people who remember the Second World War. None of them were on the front line, but some were serving their country as Naval Wrens, one was a Royal Air Force Bomber Command Cartographer, and one was posted at Bletchley Park, involved in the code breaking activities there.

Among the other interviewees are a nurse who cared for the people injured in the blasts during the London bombings. She did the best she could, with rationed supplies, working in temporary prefabricated wards.

Another contributor, Maureen, who just a little girl at the time, will never forget a US pilot, nicknamed 'Sparky', who sacrificed his life to save her small English town. His B-17 Bomber plane hit trouble in a storm, and he guided the stricken plane away from the buildings before ditching it into a field where all the bombs on board exploded, ending his life.

Many of those interviewed were children in the 1940s They remember the excitement of war, the intrigue of the ruins, which they used as playgrounds, the horrid smells of the gas masks, and the sounds of the air raid sirens. One was evacuated to the countryside and tells the tale of a lonely little girl entering a frightening new world of wonder.

This collection is dedicated to Reg Barnes, a war-time farmer in Lincolnshire, who shared his story with me, and saw it published in a couple of magazines before he died later that year, in 2014.
The stories go as far afield as the occupation of Jersey in the Channel Islands. What was it was like being a child growing up in that repressive environment, surrounded by German soldiers? Now you can read all about it.

These stories, or a variation on the themes, have been printed in a variety of publications including Military History Monthly, Lincolnshire Life, Best of British, Chat, Chicken Soup for the Soul and some other titles in a range of formats and perspectives.

These are all great stories of triumph over adversity in a country torn apart by war - yet brought together in solidarity.

Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens

Published on 28 February 2014 by Compass Books.

In 2011 Susie Kearley quit a 15 year marketing career to start up as a freelance writer in the middle of a recession. In this book, she shares how, in under two years, she went from being an aspirational rookie, to working for some of the biggest names in publishing.

She explains how:
- She built up valuable contacts from nothing;
- She used her nutrition qualifications and background in natural health to spur her career forward;
- She generated numerous feature ideas from single opportunities;
- She sold articles on health, food and gardening topics to diverse and unexpected markets;
- Her unrelenting perseverance and tenacity came good in the end, despite numerous obstacles;
- She challenged those who said she would never succeed and proved them wrong.

This book is inspirational. It provides valuable tips to get you started in writing for the health, food and gardening markets, and has wider relevance to other fields of journalism.

Interviews with other writers - all working in the health, food and gardening markets - give superb insight into the highlights and challenges that each of them have faced in this field of work. The book features interviews with some well-known writers and with others who are still building their reputation, including:

- Amanda Hamilton, celebrity nutritionist and health writer;
- Jackie Lynch, nutritionist and health writer;
- Nick Baines, travel writer focusing on food topics;
- Sue Ashworth, food and cookery writer;
- John Negus, gardening writer;
- Helen Riches, garden designer and writer.

Each of these professionals offers their own hints for getting published in their specialist markets.

Susie provides humorous accounts of the obstacles she faced, as well as tips on how to write a winning pitch, how to market yourself as a writer, and how to avoid legal issues. She provides anecdotes and personal insights that many freelance writers will relate to, on topics from getting paid, to quashing the myths of freelance writing.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to be a successful freelance writer in the health, food, and gardening markets.