Writing Success: Unleash Your Potential

Publication date: March 2021.

This book contains inspiring stories of writing success, with hints and tips for making money writing. It explores opportunities in writing for magazines, how much to charge, and covers inspirational stories of people who've quit the day job and become full-time writers. Whether you're interested in writing for magazines or writing books, fiction or non-fiction, there are inspiring stories here for you.

The chapter breakdown is as follows:
1: Introduction - Beyond Covid
2: Writing for Magazines
3: Targeting Foreign Markets
4: Community Journalism - Launching a Newspaper
5: How Much Should I Charge?
6: Journalist's Pay
7: Taking the Plunge!
8: Peter Jones: Happiness Guru
9: Creating Works of Fiction: Inspired by the Classics
10: Karl Drinkwater: Writing in Different Genres
11: Injecting Humour into your Writing
12: Crime Writer, Dave Sivers Q&A
13: 30 Years to Publication
14: Marketing Yourself and Your Work

Pestilence - a fast-paced apocalyptic thriller

Publication date: January 2021

"Reminiscent of great scifi/apocalypse writers like H G Wells and John Wyndham" – Dave Sivers, author of the Archer and Baines novels.

In a changing world, impacted by global warming, a strange new fungus grows in the damp humid climate. People have discovered its mind-altering effects -  and everyone's using. Dr David Leeman has discovered a medicinal use for this compound - a miracle cure, to end antibiotic resistance and treat incurable disease.  

Terry is an early beneficiary of the wonder-drug. She's taking part in clinical trials, but her partner, Alex, is furious. He's bitterly opposed to the pharmaceutical industry and won't support her. Little Jessica is developing a drug habit, using the new legal high - then she develops a skin problem.

Dr Leeman realises, too late, that his wonder-drug has created a pathway for a new pandemic - a fungal disease that is causing mass deaths across the globe.

As civilisation collapses, the three come together, forming a healing commune to boost their immune systems and fight the pathogen. But will they find a cure?

A Grand Tour of Scotland in a Freedom Caravan

Publication date: June 2020

A light hearted escape from the comfort of your arm chair. Explore the Highlands and islands, while negotiating gails and a hurricane. All good fun. Lots to see and aspire to! Immerse yourself in Scottish history, enjoying incredible landscapes and attractions as you go.

The book explores the glorious sights and volatile history of Carlisle, the Borders, Loch Lomond and the Trossochs National Park, Iveraray, Oban, Iona, Mull, Staffa, Fort William, Glen Nevis, Isle of Skye, Ullapool, Durness, Dunnet Bay and the Orkney Islands, Dornoch and the Cairngorms National Park, Perth, Jedburgh, and Ripon.

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Candida Albicans: Overcoming Yeast and Fungal Infections

Publication date: June 2020

Yeast and fungal infections are becoming increasingly common, driven by our modern stressful lifestyles, high-sugar diets, and over-use of some medications. Antibiotics and steroid drugs have a detrimental effect on our natural immunity and provide opportunistic yeast infections an environment where they can proliferate, spread, and thrive. The most common and best known yeast infection is called Candida Albicans. This book looks at Candida Albicans and other pathogenic fungi that can cause disease.

Yeast infections include: candidiasis in the gut, oral thrush, vaginal thrush, athlete's foot, fungal infections of the skin, and even psoriasis can be caused by a yeast infection.

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Freelance Writing: Aim Higher, Earn More

Publication date: 2nd edition published 2019.

In 2011 Susie Kearley quit a career in marketing to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time freelance writer. She had no contacts, no real experience in the publishing industry, and no idea whether she would succeed. Yet through sheer tenacity, determination and hard work, she built a solid career as a freelance writer, in the middle of a global economic recession. Today, she works for some well-known publications and earns a living from her writing.

In this book, Susie discusses her approaches to getting published and answers many of the burning questions asked of any freelance writer:

- How much money do writers make? How much do you earn?
- How can I generate more income from my writing?
- Where can I find the best opportunities in freelance writing?
- How can I learn from rejection and increase my chances of success?
- How do I break into magazines and newspapers overseas?
- Do I need an agent? What can they do for me?
- What are the biggest challenges to a sustainable freelance career,
and how can I overcome them?

The Little Book of Freelance Writing: Writing ideas, opportunities, inspiration and success stories

Publication date: December 2016

- Looking for writing inspiration?
- Want to write the perfect pitch?
- Keen to learn from other writers?

Then this book is for you! It’s full of little gems of information and inspiring stories, to guide you on your writing journey. It covers ideas and inspiration, market demand and writers’ pay, writing mistakes to avoid, finding new homes for articles that get rejected, taking your blog from obscurity to success, rights and contracts, website content creation, self-publishing, and a selection of inspiring stories.

It includes interviews with authors and comment about the industry. Best selling author Mary Mackie explains how her work was inspired by living in a National Trust house. Comedy writer Jon Rance explains how he got a publishing deal with Hodder and Stoughton after he self-published his hugely successful first novel. Best selling thriller writer, Rachel Abbot, explains how she sold millions of copies of her book by publishing her way.

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Pagan Journeys: A collection of articles and interviews on Druidry, sacred places, and natural health

Publication date: January 2016

This is a collection of articles on pagan living and related topics. They include interviews with Druids, as well as first-hand accounts of pagan festivals and sacred locations.

Part 1 is a series of interviews with three Druids, a clairvoyant who runs a crystal healing shop, and my own experience of a Druid solstice ceremony.

Part 2 looks at ancient sacred places across the UK, including stone circles, prehistoric burial grounds, and special places.

Part 3 focuses on natural healing. It looks at the evidence for natural approaches to healthcare including healthy eating, meditation, and relaxation, as well as how a raw vegan lifestyle could have extra clout when it comes to healing.

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Memories of the Second World War

Publication date: January 2015

This book is a collection of interviews with people who remember the Second World War. None of them were on the front line, but some were serving their country as Naval Wrens, one was a Royal Air Force Bomber Command Cartographer, and one was posted at Bletchley Park, involved in the code breaking activities there.

Among the other interviewees are a nurse who cared for the people injured in the blasts during the London bombings. She did the best she could, with rationed supplies, working in temporary prefabricated wards.

Another contributor, Maureen, who just a little girl at the time, will never forget a US pilot, nicknamed 'Sparky', who sacrificed his life to save her small English town. His B-17 Bomber plane hit trouble in a storm, and he guided the stricken plane away from the buildings before ditching it into a field where all the bombs on board exploded, ending his life.

Healthy Inspired Living

Publication date: 29 January 2015, Updated 2021.

A collection of articles on health, healing, sustainability, and unwavering faith. It looks at inspirational stories of individuals who've overcome traumatic events, or achieved great things in faith. The inspirational stories include one girl's Christian pilgrimage carrying a giant cross through the countryside; the pastor who used a caravan to engage with troubled youth; a man who was blinded yet kept his faith when the future looked hopeless; dynamic ideas that have helped one church to grow; one woman who said positivity helped her recover from a brain tumour; and a tale of angelic healing.

Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens

Published on 28 February 2014 by Compass Books.

In 2011 Susie Kearley quit a 15 year marketing career to start up as a freelance writer in the middle of a recession. In this book, she shares how, in under two years, she went from being an aspirational rookie, to working for some of the biggest names in publishing.

She explains how:
- She built up valuable contacts from nothing;
- She used her nutrition qualifications and background in natural health to spur her career forward;
- She generated numerous feature ideas from single opportunities;
- She sold articles on health, food and gardening topics to diverse and unexpected markets;
- Her unrelenting perseverance and tenacity came good in the end, despite numerous obstacles;
- She challenged those who said she would never succeed and proved them wrong.