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Writers' Wheel Magazine

Writers' Wheel Magazine is a free online magazine for writers, published by John Hunt Publishing. You can download copies on the links below. Save the PDF files to your C drive. Then the pages will load more quickly when you want to read them.

Writers' Wheel edition 1
Writers' Wheel edition 2
Writers' Wheel edition 3

Blogs for writers

Susie Kearley's Twitter

Download free sample pages of my writing books

Online courses for writers

I have not experienced all these courses, so cannot comment on the quality.

Social media tools

Networked Blogs: share your favourite news and blogs in one place
Smart Automation: find and share great content across your social networks

Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society

The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society is a body that collects and pays out royalties on photocopied books and articles. It's well worth registering and the one-time membership cost is deducted from your first royalty payment. If you don't make any money, you don't pay!

DACS Payback

If you take photographs to accompany your work, there are royalties to be had on that too. Register with DACS Payback to register your work.

Public Lending Rights

The Public Lending Rights Scheme pays authors for the lending of their works. If you are a commercially published author, you should register your work here.

Photography resources

Other stuff