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I've been busy promoting my debut novel, Pestilence, which has been selling steadily since its launch in January.

I've also been writing about a deaf rescue dog, Black Country Living Museum, ex-convict rehabilitation, and the monks of Furness Abbey. I've started contributing to Medium, and you can see my work here.

I've recently published a new book: 'The Guinea Pigs Guide to Training Humans', which after a slow start, has been selling well in recent weeks.


I'm a freelance writer and photographer, working for magazines and newspapers both in the UK, USA and internationally. I cover a wide range of subjects from military stories to the paranormal. A qualified nutritionist, I write regularly for a variety of publications on health and nutrition.

I'm very reliable, always delivering to specification and to deadline, and I'll go the extra mile to get interviews and photos - anything which is needed to make the story great.

My specialist subjects include nutrition and health, and pets. I also do a lot of work for travel magazines, lifestyle publications, historic/nostalgic titles, and spiritual and religious publications.

My clients include Trinity Mirror, Immediate Media (BBC Magazines), Bauer Media, Mortons Publishing Group, DC Thomson, Warners Group, Today Magazines, Irish Studio, SWNS, Archant, and CPO.

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